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Easy Candy Making

The History of Candy Making began when sweets were first produced by physicians to hide the taste of medicine.

Like the song by Mary Poppins says “A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down.”

The first candies were mostly limited, an assortment of stick and molasses candies and some called “sugar plums” all made by hand.

Lollipops, the “candy on a stick” concept is unknown. The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English say’s “a hard sweet on a stick.”(Origin unknown). Perhaps the lollipop is like the wheel, we know someone was the first to invent it, but we’ll never know who it really was.

There are many excellent candy cookbooks and most local schools offer courses in candy making. Check your local community colleges and high schools.

Kits for making candy are available on line or at craft stores.

There are several substances for sugar free candy but use caution as most artificial sweeteners may cause very upset stomachs.

Tips For Making Candy:

*Use the best quality sugar

*Try to make candy on days with low humidity

*Use a wooden spoon when making fudge

*Have all of your equipment and ingredients ready before you start

*Have all of your pans greased ahead of time

*Carefully measure seasonings (don’t over do it.)


*Granulated sugar is the most common used in making candy

*Powdered sugar is less sweet, and it naturally dissolves faster

*Confectioner’s sugar is used for icings. XXXX or XXXXX sugar is sugar in its finest form.

*Brown sugar and light brown sugar has been less processed, weighs less and is moister.

Candy making recipes