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Cooking schools are not necessary if you can spend ten or twelve years working under a Master Chef. For those of us that aren’t that fortunate or don’t have the time we MUST attend cooking school.

Turn your desires and passion into a career for an experience of a lifetime where skills are perfected, there are numerous great culinary schools available and many guides and catalogs of culinary institutes to assist you in making the decision. Do you homework to pick the right one for you, whether professional or recreational.

Some of the features of a good school of the culinary arts:

*Soups and stocks

*Meat management (butchering)

*Basic cooking methods


*Knife skills

*Sushi making

*Cheese making

*International cuisine

*Fruit and vegetable

*Wine knowledge


*Ice sculpting



*Menu design

*Mother sauces and small sauces

So consider whether you prefer the Culinary Arts, International Baking and Pastry or Food and Beverage Management.

Welcome to the fantastic world of food and wine.