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Easy Chicken Recipes

The search for easy chicken recipes is similar to the search for The Holy Grail.
As soon as a few easy recipes are found someone is duty bound to “improve” perfection.

It matters not whether you are looking for chicken breast recipes, or Buffalo wings, we will teach you several easy recipes.

Today’s butcher shops and grocery stores have made cooking chicken very easy, parts are parts, you no longer need to buy whole chickens and worry about cutting them up. You can pick any and all of the pieces that you prefer in any amount to suit you’re families’ needs.

Caution: When handling raw chicken, be very careful and keep chicken contained and your hands washed, for health reasons.

Chicken must be well cleaned and well cooked. An instant read thermometer is an inexpensive way to test for doneness and insure your safety.

There isn’t any other food that offers as many varieties of ways to prepare as chicken, whether you fry, boil, broil, sauté, bake, stir fry, stew, fricassee, bar-b-cue, or grill. They each are delicious in their own way.

Experiment with each different method to find out which way is best for you. Remember: If you can follow a recipe. . . .You can cook.

Don’t forget to include your favorite chicken recipes in your personal easy recipe cook book.

Here are some easy chicken recipes - fried:

Here are some easy chicken recipes - baked: