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Crock Pot Recipes

Crock pot recipes are a blessing to the working family. Crock pots are easy to use, easy to clean, inexpensive to purchase and simple to operate.
Many times a whole meal, using easy recipes for crock pots, can be cooked in it without using any other pots or pans or cooking appliances.

Crock pots arenít just for chili and beef stew anymore.

The slow cooker is usually thought of as a way to make a fast meal by combining several ingredients, turning it on and leaving it to take care of itself. This usually results in an overcooked mush, tasteless, barely edible meal. This is the reason most crock pots end up on a back shelf or in the basement.

Success tips for crock pot recipes:

*Buy roasts that fit your pot

*Remove skin from chicken and trim extra fat from other meats.

*Place carrots and other root veggies under the meat, as they cook slower.

*To thicken sauces at the end of cooking, turn up heat to speed up process, taste for flavor and adjust seasoning. Slow cooking sometimes dilute flavors. Be creative and use a variety of herbs and spices.

*Colors tend to fade so garnish with parsley, chives, and peppers, cheese anything to add to the visual appeal.

There are many easy crock pot recipes. Here are some of them:

Crock Pot Recipes: chicken

Crock Pot Recipes: Chili

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