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Lunch Recipes

Letís do lunch recipes.

Oh what a lovely experience.

What could be more fun than easy lunch recipes , anything goes well at lunch. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

I enjoy a variety of foods at lunch time, hot, cold, warm, cooked, raw, poached, fried, stewed, fricasseed, barbecued, shirred, baked, almost anything. All are made from easy recipes. What did I miss?

Lunch takes the place of a Mexican siesta, gives you time off during your busy schedule to sit down and relax and get your wits about you, so whatever you do for lunch make it an enjoyable occasion.

Being fortunate enough to live on the beach, I often sit and just watch the ocean roll in, after a few minutes of mental bliss you really get hungry, time to raid the fridge. Donít forget a stroll in the park, a chair on the roof, a window to watch the people walk by, park at the airport and watch the planes lands. Take a plane to Lisbon. Actually any place away from your ordinary lunch spot makes a more refreshing adventure.

Easy lunch recipes are a simple enough thing to do. Sometimes I fix a light plate of cold cuts and cheeses, oft times I make a light repast of fish and a salad, each day I switch from heavy lunches to light lunches. Being a big fan of breakfast I often eat breakfast for lunch, oops thatís called brunch. Who made the rules that say you canít eat whatever you want, whenever you want. So go ahead and have a steak or pizza for breakfast
and some eggs for dinner.

Keep it quick and easyÖremember, simple lunch recipes are often the best lunches.

So go ahead and have a steak or pizza for breakfast and some eggs for dinner.

Just enjoy life, keep it quick and easy. . . . . . .