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Easy Dinner Recipes

Easy dinner recipes are a lifesaver.
For the harried working mother/housewife having to cook and clean the kitchen after a hard day at work, or cleaning, doing the laundry and chasing children at home, or lying around eating bon bons, (HA) here are some easy supper recipes to ease your pain.

A lot of recipes Iíll show you are things I learned while camping at the confluence of the Toachi and the Blanco Rivers on a private beach on the western slope of Ecuadorís Andes. No no, donít run, Iím joking. My recipes really are quick and easy.

Stay with the basics, such as simple salt, pepper, and granulated garlic.

Quick dinner recipes can be found on the internet, newspapers, magazines, cook books. When you spot a recipe that interests your taste buds, copy it down and start your own easy dinner recipe cook book. Amazing how you make something you and your family are fond of and then as life moves on you forget about it, well with your own quick and easy dinner recipe cookbook you can go back and enjoy some old favorites.

Donít be intimidated by fancy recipes and unheard of spices and condiments; you donít need Berries from the Oscillating Rotistotis Vine, to make a quick and simple delicious dinner.

Itís very simple to learn how to bake, broil, boil, sautť, steam, stew, grill, stir fry or deep fry. We will show you how.

Try some of these easy to follow directions for quick and simple supper recipes.

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